Address to the Financial Services Council Summit, Melbourne

26 July 2018

Hi. I'm Kelly O'Dwyer, Minister for Revenue and Financial Services. I'd like to thank the Financial Services Council for the opportunity to address the Summit – one of the most important events on the financial services calendar. 2018 is a landmark year for financial services in Australia. One reason is, of course, the Financial Services […]

Address to the CFO Forum, Sydney

15 May 2018

Good morning, everyone — thanks so much for that warm welcome. I am delighted to be here today at the fifth CFO Forum, addressing the topic Fortifying Australia's Economy for a Global Future, an undeniable focus of last week's Budget and a consequence of our obsessive commitment to our jobs and growth agenda. As Minister […]

Address to the SMSF Expo, Melbourne

27 April 2018

Good morning, everyone — thanks so much John for that warm welcome. I am delighted to be here today at the inaugural SMSF expo. I'd like to take the opportunity to recognise John, Deborah, Andrea and the rest of the SMSF Association for their fine work over the years advocating on behalf of their members […]

Remarks at the official opening of the new ATO office in Gosford

26 April 2018

Thank you very much Sue [Sinclair] and it is such a great pleasure to be here. And can I also acknowledge the fantastic performance that we heard just before. It is terrific to be here and it's a pleasure to join not only the ATO Commissioner, Commissioner Jordan, but also a number of his fellow […]

‘Building Wealth and Self-Reliance – A Liberal Legacy’, Address to the AFR Banking and Wealth Summit

4 April 2018

Good morning, everyone. I am delighted to be here at the Australian Financial Review’s Banking and Wealth Summit. On any given day, when you pick up a copy of the AFR you get a sense of the mood in the business community and the issues that are at the forefront of this all-important industry of […]

Address to the Financial Services Council Life Insurance Conference, Sydney

21 March 2018

Good morning, everyone — thanks so much for that warm welcome. It's always a pleasure to address the Financial Services Council — something I've done on many occasions. The FSC plays a vocal, active role in promoting a fair and efficient financial system, for the benefit of all Australians. And life insurance is a prominent […]

Address to the ASIC Annual Forum 2018, Sydney

19 March 2018

Thank you, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Annual Forum. This is the first time I have officially shared a public forum with the new chair of ASIC since the announcement of his appointment late last year, and I want to congratulate James Shipton on his new […]

Address to the Insurance Council of Australia Annual Forum, Sydney

7 March 2018

Good morning, everyone. And thank you to the Insurance Council of Australia for inviting me here today. Let me start by saying: in our 'land of sweeping plains…of droughts and flooding rains' the insurance industry is crucial to our communities and wider economy. You have a stake in the lives of millions of Australians with […]

Address to the A50 Economic Forum 2018, Sydney

9 February 2018

Good morning, everyone — it's wonderful to be with you again. This forum provides a fantastic opportunity to discuss some of the most important areas of the Australian economy — and financial services is certainly one of them. On a macro-level, financial services is actually the largest industry in the Australian economy, contributing about 9 […]

Address to the Sydney Institute 2018, Sydney

31 January 2018

I want to thank the Sydney Institute for the invitation to address its first dinner event for 2018. Think-tanks like the Sydney Institute are enormously important in playing a role in promoting and deepening the national policy conversation. The twittering phenomenon has many fans and skilled practitioners, not least of whom is the Tweeter-in-Chief, but […]

Address to the MasterCard Women in Leadership Breakfast 2018, Sydney

31 January 2018

Good morning, everyone — it's a pleasure to be here, surrounded by leaders from the commercial and public sectors. Women and men who are, without question, passionate about supporting women into leadership roles. That is a passion I share, and will be a focus of mine in my new role as Minister for Women. History […]

Asian Financial Forum 2018, Hong Kong

15 January 2018

Good morning and thank you for that introduction. It's great to be here at the Asian Financial Forum here in Hong Kong. There is no doubt that Australia can learn much from our region's successes. The Australian Government is committed to ensuring Australia is, and continues to be, a globally competitive marketplace. Australia's financial services […]