Address to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Melbourne

8 December 2017

Good afternoon, everyone — it’s wonderful to be with you today.   The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a rich, storied history. Over the course of two centuries, it has taken many forms. But whatever its structure — and whatever its name — it has always been true to its vision: a stronger business […]

Address to the ASFA Annual Conference, Sydney

1 December 2017

Thank you for that introduction, and thank you to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia for inviting me to join you all on the final day of this conference.  Australia has one of the most stable banking, superannuation and financial services sectors in the world – one that is the envy of many other […]

Video message to the Financial Services Council’s Retirement Income Products Conference

14 November 2017

Hello to everyone gathered in Sydney for the Financial Services Council's Retirement Income Products Conference. I apologise that I can't be there in person today. The FSC, and all of you here today, recognise the importance of retirement income products. Together, you are doing your bit for what is an area of critical importance for […]

Address to the AFA 2017 National Adviser Conference, Gold Coast

13 October 2017

Good morning, everyone — thank you so much for welcoming me to your conference today. Good financial advice has always been a valuable commodity. In decades past, people seeking advice might have gone to their bank manager, their solicitor, or maybe the uncle or aunt in the family who was the most financially savvy. Today, […]

Video message to the Turnaround Management Association Conference, Melbourne

7 September 2017

Hello to everyone gathered in Melbourne for the Turnaround Management Association’s National Conference. Unfortunately I can’t be there in person today, but I didn’t want to miss an opportunity speak to you all. Of course, the turnaround profession plays an important role in preserving and revitalising corporate value. What’s more, a strong turnaround culture — […]

Address to the Tax Institute National Superannuation Conference, Sydney

25 August 2017

Thank you for that warm welcome. It’s great to be with you for the Tax Institute National Superannuation Conference. You are here today because you understand and appreciate the need for constant improvement in your professional career. The need to learn new things to get ahead; the need to provide the best service to your […]

Address to the Financial Services Council Leaders’ Summit, International Convention Centre, Sydney

26 July 2017

Thank you Sally for that very warm introduction, and thank you to the Financial Services Council for inviting me today. It’s a pleasure to once again join you for the annual Leaders’ Summit. The financial services sector – as the largest segment of our economy at 10 per cent, and employing more than 430,000 people […]

Address to the Centre for Business Analytics’ Inaugural Conference, Melbourne

13 July 2017

Thank you, Mark for that introduction, and good morning, everyone. It’s wonderful to be here on behalf of the Prime Minister to open the Centre for Business Analytics’ inaugural conference. It feels rather familiar, actually. Melbourne Law School, you may not know, is my alma mater. It’s where I learnt the value of solid evidence […]

Weary Dunlop Commemoration Service and launch of annual appeal of the Weary Dunlop Foundation

12 July 2017

Good morning, everyone. Firstly I would like to acknowledge: Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston AK, AFC (Retired) Victorian Minister for Veterans, the Honourable John Eren MLA State RSL President, Dr Robert Webster OAM Representatives of ex-service organisations and serving members Ex-prisoner of war Mr Colin Hamley and Mrs Val Hamley Mr John Dunlop, grandson […]

Address to the University of Melbourne Whistleblowing seminar, Melbourne

23 June 2017

Thank you Sue and Vivienne for your warm welcome. Any individual who makes the decision to expose corruption, illegality, or unethical behaviour within their organisation is embarking on a precarious and potentially harrowing path.

Video message to the Women, Super and Wealth Summit

27 April 2017

Hello to everyone gathered in Sydney for the Women, Super and Wealth Summit. Let me begin by congratulating the SMSF Association and the FSC for organising this event. Enabling women to save more for their own retirement is critically important for our country. So it’s great that so many of you — with your extensive […]

Video message to the ASIC annual forum

20 March 2017

Hello to everyone in Sydney. Welcome to the 2017 ASIC Annual Forum. Unfortunately I can’t be there with you in person. But I absolutely support the Forum’s focus on the future. It’s a prudent and sensible theme. There are new dimensions of ‘regtech’, big data and cyber security to explore. There are also significant consumer […]

Video message to the Tax Institute National Convention

17 March 2017

Hello to everyone gathered in Adelaide for the Tax Institute 2017 National Convention. I apologise that I can't be there with you in person. The Convention is one of the premiere events for tax professionals, and it looks like this year's event will present you with many challenging debates. One thing tax practitioners agree on […]

Address to the Minerals Council of Australia Biennial Tax Conference, Melbourne

9 March 2017

The mining industry in Australia is interwoven in our history, our folklore and our sense of who we are as a nation. Australians sing the words of our national anthem that tells the world evocatively of our bountiful land of "golden soil". Those words encapsulate an industry that has been built on optimism and hope […]

Address at the PwC Superannuation Breakfast

22 February 2017

Thank you very much Paul, and it’s a great pleasure to be here at PwC in your beautiful new building. I can see why you moved literally just across the road because you don’t get fabulous views like this in all of Melbourne so you’ve chosen a terrific place. And it’s great to be great […]

Address to the Self-Managed Superannuation Funds Association Conference, Melbourne

17 February 2017

It's a really great pleasure to be here at this conference in my home town of Melbourne. I'm particularly delighted that it is the biggest conference that I understand has been held with more than 1,700 participants. I think it's a great credit to the CEO, Andrea Slattery, who is now moving on, for the […]

Address to the Insurance Council of Australia Annual Forum

17 February 2017

Hello to everyone gathered in Sydney for the Insurance Council of Australia’s annual forum.  Unfortunately I can’t be there in person today. But I am pleased that so many of you could be. This is a forum where, year after year, you share your ideas, your vision and your expertise. And that is important, because […]

ASIC Financial Capability Parliamentary Breakfast, Parliament House

16 February 2017

Thank you so very much Nicole, and it is such a great pleasure to be here today amongst all of you. And I’d particularly like to thank Greg Medcraft for the fabulous job in putting on this tremendous breakfast, and also Paul Clitheroe for your wonderful management of the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board – […]

Address to the Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney

10 February 2017

Thank you, everyone, for that warm welcome. It is wonderful to be back at the Centre for Independent Studies — an institution that has, since its beginning, been a vital source of ideas and a strong voice for good public policy in Australia. It is also hard to believe how long it has been since […]

Citibank A50 Australian Economic Forum, Sydney Opera House

10 February 2017

One of the great drivers of the Australian economy is — and will continue to be — the financial services sector. It is the largest sector in Australia — accounting for around 10 per cent of our economy. It employs 417,000 people and impacts the lives of every Australian, from the moment they come into […]

Superannuation Chair Forum, Healesville

30 January 2017

It is a pleasure to be here today amongst such an honour roll of individuals who are the Chairs of superannuation funds that manage hundreds of billions of dollars in assets on behalf of the Australian people. Each of you has been entrusted to be the principle custodians of the deferred wages of working Australians […]