Interview with Richelle Hunt, Drive

8 March 2017

RICHELLE HUNT: So Kelly O’Dwyer, Minister for Revenue and Financial Services. First of all, happy International Women’s Day. KELLY O’DWYER: And to you too Richelle, and to all of your listeners. RICHELLE HUNT: How have you spent your morning so far? How have you spent your day? KELLY O’DWYER: Well this morning I got up […]

Interview with Patricia Karvelas, Sky News

5 March 2017

PATRICIA KARVELAS: Kelly welcome. KELLY O’DWYER: Great pleasure to be with you Patricia. PATRICIA KARVELAS: Tony Abbott says the Prime Minister is not doing enough to defend the fair work decision. Is he doing enough? KELLY O’DWYER: Well it’s very clear that this decision has been a decision of the Fair Work Commission. They have […]

Interview with David Koch, Talking Lifestyle, 2UE

18 February 2017

DAVID KOCH: Minister, thanks for joining us. KELLY O'DWYER: Great to be with you Kochie. DAVID KOCH: Now, what are you introducing here? KELLY O'DWYER: So what we're introducing is, in essence, higher standards for financial advisers. People would be pretty shocked, probably, to learn that there are some people who can hang up their […]

Interview with The Project, Network 10

15 February 2017

CARRIE BICKMORE: Assistant Treasurer Kelly O'Dwyer joins us now. Kelly, for all the mums and dads out there who are struggling at the moment, what is the likelihood of the tax increases? KELLY O'DWYER: We don't actually want to be raising taxes and that's the whole point the treasurer has made. He said he that […]

Interview with Tom Elliott, 3AW

18 January 2017

TOM ELLIOTT: Kelly O'Dwyer good afternoon. ACTING TREASURER: Good afternoon Tom. TOM ELLIOTT: Now how developed is this idea for a Google tax, as it's being called by the financial review? ACTING TREASURER: Well I know that that's the colloquial expression for it. We're calling it a diverted profits tax. It's a tax that was […]

Interview with Luke Grant, 2GB

17 January 2017

LUKE GRANT: The Special Minister of State is on holidays but Kelly O’Dwyer, Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, is the acting minister while Scott Ryan, the Senator, is on leave and I’m delighted to say that Kelly O’Dwyer is on the line. Nice to talk to you again, Happy New Year. ACTING SPECIAL MINISTER […]