Interview with Sabra Lane, ABC AM

6 February 2018

Sabra Lane: Minister good morning welcome to AM. Kelly O'Dwyer: Great to be with you Sabra. Sabra Lane: The government's announcing $3 million today to examine the issue of women who have previously had ovarian cancer in the past 15 years to identify who's got the BRCA one and two genes – why? Kelly O'Dwyer: […]

Interview with Peter Ryan, The World Today, ABC Radio

25 January 2018

KELLY O'DWYER: It is absolutely the end of the road for dodgy bosses. Basically, employers who deliberately do not pay their workers' superannuation entitlements are robbing their workers of wages. It is illegal and it simply won't be tolerated. PETER RYAN: Some employers have been very unscrupulous with the way that they pay the superannuation […]

Interview with Linda Mottram, ABC PM

19 January 2018

LINDA MOTTRAM: The Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, Kelly O’Dwyer, has had a new job for about a month now as Minister for Women, and she knows about balancing politics with looking after a new born. She was the first Cabinet Minister to have a baby while in office in Australia. Kelly O’Dwyer joins […]

Interview with Stephen Engle, Bloomberg

15 January 2018

STEPHEN ENGLE: Minister Kelly O'Dwyer thanks so much for joining us. KELLY O'DWYER: Great pleasure to be with you Steve. STEPHEN ENGLE: So as Linda, the anchor, just mentioned these numbers, about 70 per cent of the services sector, or the GDP's made up of about 70 per cent of the services sector but financial […]

Interview with David Thornton, Talking Finance Podcast

12 January 2018

DAVID THORNTON: Kelly O'Dwyer, Federal Minister for Revenue and Financial Services joins me to discuss superannuation and company tax rates. Minister, superannuation is a bit of a hot topic at the moment. The debate revolves around the extent to which people should be able to tap into their super to pay for other things such […]

Doorstop interview, Melbourne

11 January 2018

KELLY O'DWYER: Thanks very much everyone for gathering today. I'd like to make a couple of comments on the value of the retail trade figures, talk about the latest OECD report and also touch on some of the gang violence here in Victoria. The Government obviously welcomes the latest statistics from the ABS that's seen […]

Doorstop interview, Melbourne

9 January 2018

KELLY O'DWYER: The Government has got a compulsory superannuation system to protect retirement incomes into the future. People are forced to defer 9.5 per cent of their wages today so that they have a retirement income into the future. It's critical that we protect that, but it's also important to note that there are times […]

Interview with Sandy Aloisi, ABC News Radio

8 January 2018

SANDY ALOISI: The Federal Opposition is seizing on official documents this morning that it says refute the Government's criticism of a key Labor policy. You may recall that prior to the 2016 federal election, the ALP pledged to crackdown on negative gearing and capital gains tax to help level the playing field between first home […]