14 April 2015
Transcript - #2015027, 2015

In the role of: Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer [23 December 2014 - 20 September 2015]

Interview with Sally Cockburn, the Drive, 3AW

SUBJECTS: Anzac Centenary March, Budget Baby, Introduction of Anzac Centenary coin into circulation

COCKBURN: On the line is Kelly O’Dwyer the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, because she is the Member for Higgins of course, that’s in Stonington, and there is a special Anzac commemoration this coming Sunday. Hello Kelly.

O’DWYER: Hi Sally, how are you?

COCKBURN: Very, very well thank you, and loved you on Q&A the other night. I love it when I look on there and I think, ooh I know Kelly.

O’DWYER: It was a bit of fun, it always is.

COCKBURN: It always is. Now tell me the very special things you’ve got to talk to us about. Firstly, this Anzac Day march.

O’DWYER:  Yes, that’s right. It’s a Higgins-Stonington Anzac Centenary march, in commemoration of those who served and those who sacrificed. We’ve got some incredible people coming along at eleven o’clock, assembling at the Malvern Gardens to march, right up to the Malvern Cricket Ground and then we’re having an ecumenical service there. We’ve got the light horse troop who are coming along. Three carriers from the Army, Navy and Air Force representing the Australian Defence Force. We’ve got the Stonington City Brass Band. We’ve got the Governor of Victoria, the Honourable Alex Chernov and Major General David McLaughlin who’s the President of the Victorian RSL, along with the Chairman of the Victorian Anzac Day Centenary Committee, Ted Baillieu. And the Consul Generals of Britain, Turkey and New Zealand. So it’s going to be a really big event.

COCKBURN:  So what time?

O’DWYER:  It’s eleven o’clock. That’s when we’re assembling to do the march, and everybody is welcome.

COCKBURN: Where are you assembling?

O’DWYER:  At the Malvern Gardens, that’s the corner of High Street and Park Street, in Malvern. And we’re just walking up a slight incline along High Street to the Malvern Cricket Ground. So those who don’t want to march can definitely be part of the ecumenical service that will be there just behind the Malvern Town Hall.

COCKBURN: Now Kelly, the GP in me has to say; I’m thinking about you marching, I’m thinking about your tootsies, I’m thinking about your back, and I’m thinking about your tummy. Because you are very pregnant, and when are you due?

O’DWYER:  I’m due in about five weeks.

COCKBURN:  So are you going to do this march?

O’DWYER: Absolutely.

COCKBURN:  In sensible shoes?

O’DWYER:  I have sensible shoes. My heels have become less and less as the time has progressed Sally.

COCKBURN: Now I’m just thinking about five weeks from now, and I’m thinking you are the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, and five weeks just about cuts in at Budget time—what are you hoping for?

O’DWYER: That’s right. Well I’m hoping for a healthy baby and a really good strong Budget.

COCKBURN: Sounds fair to me. So we wish you well. So are you taking time off after the delivery?

O’DWYER: I’ll not be travelling to Canberra for a short period, and that’s literally a matter of I think about six weeks, and then I’ll be back at work. And I’ve got a fabulous husband who’s going to be taking care of our new baby, along obviously with me, and I’ll be able to do all of the things that I’m normally doing day-to-day, both as a local Member and also as a Parliamentary Secretary.

COCKBURN: Now speaking of wonderful announcements, I believe there is a very special hunt for a coin. I think about Easter egg hunts and this is more or less the same thing—but in a very special Anzac Commemorative way—about a coin.

O’DWYER: Yes that’s right. Look one of the great pleasures of being Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer is that you do get some fantastic responsibilities. I’m responsible for the Royal Australian Mint, and they have got an amazing Anzac Centenary coin program. Some of which includes commemorative coins, and others of which involves coins that are going to be circulated. And on Sunday, and again this will be part of the march, people will be able to see these coins on display for the very first time, we are going to be releasing a two dollar coloured circulating coin. It’s only the fourth coloured coin that we have released into circulation. And what’s so fabulous about it is that from Monday, people won’t actually have to purchase this coin, it will be in circulation. We will have about one and a half million of these two dollar coins in circulation, not straight away from Monday, but it will be filtering out from Monday. And it is an incredible design, it’s coloured red - we’re one of two countries that really have this technology to be able to colour our coins. 

COCKBURN: That would be poppy red.

O’DWYER: That’s right. It would be poppy red, and it looks incredible. I know that there’ll be a lot of people who probably haven’t seen a coloured coin. We’ve only released three of them in the past in circulation. There are always many that are in circulation that a lot of people are pretty keen to keep aside, but we encourage people to take the opportunity with this particular coin to understand its significance, which is the commemoration of those who have served our country and who have made tremendous sacrifices on our behalf.

COCKBURN: So we should be looking out for them on Monday when they’ll go into circulation, there’s about a million of them so we may see them, and don’t think that they’re counterfeit. 

O’DWYER: No that’s correct, they’re very, very special.

COCKBURN: Is there a special image or just the colour?

O’DWYER: We’ve got some crosses on it, some poppies on it, and this beautiful red that is also part of the coin.

COCKBURN: I look forward to seeing them. I’ll be out there looking like an Easter egg hunt. Kelly O’Dwyer thank you very much and all the very best with the next five weeks. We’ll be speaking to you no doubt before then, but good luck and we hope for a Budget Baby.

O’DWYER: Thanks Sally.

COCKBURN: Thanks so much. That’s Kelly O’Dwyer Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer. Fabulous announcement that there will be a red two dollar coin being introduced into circulation on Monday.