Interview with Jon Faine, ABC 774

15 November 2017

JON FAINE: Kelly O'Dwyer is the member for Higgins in the affluent parts of leafy, Eastern suburban Melbourne. It's a seat that's been targeted from time to time by the Greens believe it or not and is also she is also a senior minister, Minister for Revenue and Financial Services in charge of things like […]

Interview with Simon Lauder, ABC South East

10 November 2017

SIMON LAUDER: If the perpetrator of a heinous crime claims to be broke, too broke to compensate victims, but has a lot of money locked away in superannuation, should victims of crime be able to access it? Bega paedophile Maurice Van Ryn has nine victims who need ongoing access to specialist support but it looks […]

Interview with Barrie Cassidy, Insiders

5 November 2017

BARRIE CASSIDY: Minister, good morning. Welcome. KELLY O’DWYER: Good morning Barrie. BARRIE CASSIDY: Would an audit really be as complicated as the Prime Minister suggests? KELLY O’DWYER: Hearing all of the smear and political innuendo from Labor and the Greens is really beyond the pail. I know that facts have become very inconvenient... BARRIE CASSIDY: What sort of innuendo are you […]

Interview with Ross Greenwood, 2GB Money News

23 October 2017

ROSS GREENWOOD: Kelly as always we appreciate your time. KELLY O’DWYER: Great to be with you and your listeners Ross. ROSS GREENWOOD: This is nothing new because it is fair to say that the outgoing Chairman of ASIC, Greg Medcraft, has been calling for harsher penalties for corporate miscreance for quite some time. KELLY O’DWYER: […]

Press conference, Canberra

17 October 2017

KELLY O’DWYER: I am pleased to announce today the new Chairman of ASIC. The Government will be recommending to the Governor-General that Mr James Shipton be appointed as the Chairman of ASIC for a period of five years commencing on 1 February 2018. I’m delighted to be joined by James here today. Now Mr Shipton’s […]

Interview with David Lipson, ABC 7.30

5 October 2017

BRIAN "BRONCO" O’NEILL: I’m known as Bronco O’Neill but I have never introduced myself as Bronco, only Brian. DAVID LIPSON: Hook, line and sinker, Bronco O’Neill’s first love was the sea and at 79 it’s still in his veins. BRONCO O’NEILL: We are enjoying our retirement. Our lifestyle is pretty much similar to when I […]

Interview with Leon Byner, FIVEaa

22 September 2017

LEON BYNER: Kelly thanks for joining us today. KELLY O’DWYER: Great to be with you Leon. LEON BYNER: What’s the South Australian contribution to lost or unclaimed super? KELLY O’DWYER: Well it’s just under $1 billion and we’ve got suburbs in South Australia like Paralawie, $22 million, Morphett Vale, $17 million, Aberfoyle Park, Chandlers Hill, […]

Interview with Raf Epstein, 774 Pollie Graph

20 September 2017

RAF EPSTEIN: Two of the hardest working women in Parliament are here to take your questions and mine. Kelly O’Dwyer is the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services. She’s also the Liberal member for the seat of Higgins. Kelly, welcome. KELLY O’DWYER: Good afternoon Raf. RAF EPSTEIN: Clare O’Neil is the Member for Hotham for […]

Interview with Jon Faine, ABC 774

12 September 2017

JON FAINE: Kelly O’Dwyer good morning to you. KELLY O’DWYER: Good morning Jon, how are you? JON FAINE: I’m very, very well. Let’s deal with phoenix companies first, we’ll come to same-sex marriage, energy policy, all sorts of things in a moment. 25 years ago I did a report on phoenix companies, what I described […]

Interview with Patricia Karvelas, Sky

10 September 2017

PATRICIA KARVELAS: Before we get to the broader issues, and there are many of them, let’s start with something that is happening very specifically to you. Are you concerned that Jack Hammond QC will run a preselection candidate against you? KELLY O’DWYER: Look, I know in pre-selections all sorts of people can put up their […]

Interview with Ross Greenwood, 2GB

29 August 2017

ROSS GREENWOOD: There’s plenty happening inside the Treasurer’s office right now and it involves tax, it involves superannuation, it involves mortgages, mortgage brokers as well. So I want to try and bring you up to date with what’s happening here. The Minister for Revenue and Financial Services is Kelly O’Dwyer, who’s online right now and […]

Interview with Raf Epstein, 774

29 August 2017

RAF EPSTEIN: So there’s two separate actions the Commonwealth Bank is facing. They’re in court facing tens of thousands of accusations of money laundering. In some cases, organised crime benefit, in other, a smaller number, potentially they helped finance terrorism. They face potentially billions of dollars’ worth of fines. In the wake of that, another […]

Interview with Peter Ryan, ABC AM

29 August 2017

SABRA LANE: The Australian Tax Office is cracking down on dodgy employers who short-change staff on their compulsory superannuation contributions. The ATO’s first ever audit of the super guarantee shows that since 2009 workers have missed out on $17 billion that should’ve gone to retirement nest eggs. While most employers do the right thing, unscrupulous […]

Interview with David Koch, Sunrise

23 August 2017

DAVID KOCH: Tech giants Apple, Google and Facebook have faced a Senate inquiry into how much tax they actually pay in Australia. The companies were asked to justify why they send 98 per cent of their profits offshore to lower taxing countries, declaring only a fraction here in Australia. CUTAWAY: The margin in Australia is […]

Interview with Tamara Oudyn, 774 Pollie-Graph

23 August 2017

TAMARA OUDYN: Well after a torrid week for the Government last week in which the citizenship fiasco dominated the agenda, all eyes are on the High Court for a directions hearing into the matter tomorrow. For more on this and everything else making news in politics this week, I’m joined by Mark Dreyfus, the Shadow […]

Interview with Ali Moore, 774 Pollie Graph

2 August 2017

ALI MOORE: Here in the studio with me is Richard Di Natale, the leader of the Greens. Hello. RICHARD DI NATALE: G’Day. ALI MOORE: And slightly to our north in Sydney, Kelly O’Dwyer, the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services joins us. Kelly O’Dwyer, welcome. KELLY O’DWYER: Good afternoon Ali. ALI MOORE: I think you’ve […]

Interview with Sarah Cumming and Tom Williams, The Daily Edition

28 July 2017

SARAH CUMMING: She is the Federal MP breaking new ground. Kelly O’Dwyer is back at work with a cot in her office, having returned to full-time work after giving birth to her second child. TOM WILLIAMS: The Liberal MP is the first minister to have a baby while serving in Cabinet. Her newborn Edward has […]

Interview with Jon Faine, Mornings with Jon Faine

27 July 2017

JON FAINE: Kelly O’Dwyer is a senior minister in the Turnbull Coalition Federal Government. She’s Minister for Revenue and Financial Services and works with Scott Morrison on keeping the treasury portfolio afloat. Ms O’Dwyer good morning to you. KELLY O’DWYER: Good morning Jon. JON FAINE: Inequality, Bill Shorten says, is the most important issue. It […]

Interview with Ross Greenwood, 2GB Money News

25 July 2017

ROSS GREENWOOD: Many thanks for your time Kelly. KELLY O’DWYER: Great to be with you Ross. ROSS GREENWOOD: I do want to talk to you about these superannuation member outcomes package, which is coming in, which, of course, is going to change the rules on the compulsory 9.5 per cent employer superannuation contributions. But in […]

Interview with Emma Alberici, Lateline

24 July 2017

EMMA ALBERICI: Minister, welcome back to Lateline. KELLY O’DWYER: Great to be with you, Emma. EMMA ALBERICI: The headline on your announcement today talked of fostering a stronger superannuation system, but then, curiously, there was nothing thereafter on actually building up the amount of money people would have in their retirement? KELLY O’DWYER: We believe […]

Interview with Sam Maiden, Sky News

24 July 2017

SAM MAIDEN: As the debate over family trusts and Labor’s emerging policy agenda continues to rage, big changes to superannuation are being unveiled today. The Government insists it will make it easier for everyday Australians to have more control over their superannuation providers. No changes this time around to the tax treatment of super. Joining […]

Interview with Peter Ryan, ABC AM

24 July 2017

PETER RYAN: Kelly O’Dwyer, what’s wrong with the way default super, what’s known as MySuper, is run and managed at the moment? KELLY O’DWYER: Well Peter, there aren’t enough protections at the moment to ensure that superannuation is being managed in the best interests of members. We need to give every day Australians more control […]

Interview with Raf Epstein, 774 Pollie Graph

20 July 2017

RAF EPSTEIN: We're calibrating the machine with a new guest, who I don't think has done Pollie Graph before - Jim Chalmers, Labor's Shadow Finance Minister. Hi Jim. JIM CHALMERS: Hey Raf. I think I have but it was some time ago, so I appreciate the invitation. It obviously wasn't quite memorable enough. RAF EPSTEIN: […]

Interview with Peter Ryan, ABC

14 July 2017

PETER RYAN: Superannuation can be an eye-glazing topic that many workers choose to set and forget. But anyone salary sacrificing into super should take a closer look, given that some employers have been exploiting a legal loophole, which lets them hold back payments into an employee’s account for up to four months. But not for […]

Doorstop interview, Melbourne

12 July 2017

ACTING TREASURER: It’s great to be with you this afternoon to give you the good news – that the Australian economy is in good shape with strengthening business conditions and confidence, the highest since the GFC and we have seen very solid retail sales figures in recent months. Today, we have seen the consumer sentiment […]

Interview with Ross Greenwood, 2GB

9 July 2017

ROSS GREENWOOD: Many thanks for your time Kelly. KELLY O’DWYER: Great to be with you Ross and your listeners Ross. ROSS GREENWOOD: OK I’ve tried to set that up a bit to try and raise the issue about the constant changing of superannuation. I mean, when you were going into the last election, there was […]

Interview with Luke Grant, 2GB

23 June 2017

Subject: whistleblowers LUKE GRANT: Joining me on the line, Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, Kelly O’Dwyer, who’s back today, I think, from maternity leave. Is that right, Minister? KELLY O’DWYER: That’s right, Luke. That’s right, although my husband jokes that it feels like I haven’t really had that much time off because I’ve been […]

Interview with Mark Rorke, 2NUR

7 April 2017

MARK RORKE: Good morning Kelly, thanks for your time. I guess we’ll start by taking a look back a step or two and ask the question – why is superannuation so important for us to consider when we are a little bit younger? KELLY O’DWYER: Hi Mark, it’s great to be with you and your […]

Interview with David Penberthy and Will Goodings, FIVEaa

6 April 2017

PRESENTER: I imagine it’s news to the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services Kelly O’Dwyer that the election’s been changed by the entry of Harry Styles in the fray. Good morning to you Minister. KELLY O’DWYER: Good morning. Yes indeed I wasn’t aware of that! PRESENTER: Nope. You get all the big news first on […]

Interview with Grant Goldman, 2SM

6 April 2017

GRANT GOLDMAN: Joining us on the line the financial services minister, Kelly O’Dwyer. Good morning Kelly. KELLY O’DWYER: Good morning Grant. GRANT GOLDMAN: What do you make of these huge companies, and they are huge, particularly Google, not paying the proper amount of tax? KELLY O’DWYER: Well the Australian Government has made it very clear […]

Interview with Ross Greenwood, 2GB

2 April 2017

ROSS GREENWOOD: Let’s now go to the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, Kelly O’Dwyer, in regards to this Productivity Commission release. Many thanks for your time Kelly. KELLY O'DWYER: Great to be with you Ross. GREENWOOD: You’re not far away from the family expanding, is that true? O'DWYER: Indeed, two under two in about […]

Joint doorstop interview, En Vogue Café, South Yarra

1 April 2017

MINISTER FOR REVENUE AND FINANCIAL SERVICES: It is really wonderful to have the Prime Minister in town here in South Yarra, in the heart of Victoria, in the premier retail and hospitality area of this state. In my electorate there are around about 21,000 small businesses that work hard each and every day and they […]

Interview with Jon Faine, 774

29 March 2017

JON FAINE: Kelly O'Dwyer is the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services in the Turnbull Coalition Government. She's the Member of Higgins in eastern suburban Melbourne. Ms O'Dwyer, good morning to you. KELLY O'DWYER: Good morning to you Jon and your listeners. JON FAINE: What do you want to achieve with this particular set of […]

Interview with Richelle Hunt, Drive

8 March 2017

RICHELLE HUNT: So Kelly O’Dwyer, Minister for Revenue and Financial Services. First of all, happy International Women’s Day. KELLY O’DWYER: And to you too Richelle, and to all of your listeners. RICHELLE HUNT: How have you spent your morning so far? How have you spent your day? KELLY O’DWYER: Well this morning I got up […]

Interview with Patricia Karvelas, Sky News

5 March 2017

PATRICIA KARVELAS: Kelly welcome. KELLY O’DWYER: Great pleasure to be with you Patricia. PATRICIA KARVELAS: Tony Abbott says the Prime Minister is not doing enough to defend the fair work decision. Is he doing enough? KELLY O’DWYER: Well it’s very clear that this decision has been a decision of the Fair Work Commission. They have […]

Interview with David Koch, Talking Lifestyle, 2UE

18 February 2017

DAVID KOCH: Minister, thanks for joining us. KELLY O'DWYER: Great to be with you Kochie. DAVID KOCH: Now, what are you introducing here? KELLY O'DWYER: So what we're introducing is, in essence, higher standards for financial advisers. People would be pretty shocked, probably, to learn that there are some people who can hang up their […]

Interview with The Project, Network 10

15 February 2017

CARRIE BICKMORE: Assistant Treasurer Kelly O'Dwyer joins us now. Kelly, for all the mums and dads out there who are struggling at the moment, what is the likelihood of the tax increases? KELLY O'DWYER: We don't actually want to be raising taxes and that's the whole point the treasurer has made. He said he that […]

Interview with Tom Elliott, 3AW

18 January 2017

TOM ELLIOTT: Kelly O'Dwyer good afternoon. ACTING TREASURER: Good afternoon Tom. TOM ELLIOTT: Now how developed is this idea for a Google tax, as it's being called by the financial review? ACTING TREASURER: Well I know that that's the colloquial expression for it. We're calling it a diverted profits tax. It's a tax that was […]

Interview with Luke Grant, 2GB

17 January 2017

LUKE GRANT: The Special Minister of State is on holidays but Kelly O’Dwyer, Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, is the acting minister while Scott Ryan, the Senator, is on leave and I’m delighted to say that Kelly O’Dwyer is on the line. Nice to talk to you again, Happy New Year. ACTING SPECIAL MINISTER […]